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Dying Evergreens

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From: Robin Krones
Clifton, IL
We planted around 100 evergreens about 10 years ago. They are different sizes now. Some as small as 3 ft, some as large as 8 ft. We have watered, fertilized etc. This spring we started noticing new growth turning brown on some of the trees, and dropping off. Then we started to notice a number of the trees just turning brown and looking dead. WE are not sure what is the cause. We have never seen this before. I wondered about Colorado beetles, army worms, mites or is it a virus? WE have been given different advice from different people. We sprayed with sevin and saw no results. We don't know what is killing them, or if we should dig up the ones that are dead or what to do. Please help!!

Extension Message
From: Greg Stack
Extension Horticulturist
Extension Web Development

It is very hard to answer this type of question through Ask Extension because there could be so many things that might be causing the tree decline and the only way to find out is to have someone do an onsite inspection and evaluation. It could be soil isssues. maybe disease, maybe insect such as borers. If it is possible to contact your local extension office to ask about either bring in respresentitive samples or maybe an on site inspection. Trees that are dead should be eliminated as they are not adding anything good to the population. Other that that I can't offer any more definitive information as there is any number of things as I said that could be happening.

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