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insects (?) on linden leaves

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From: Bettie Komar
Joliet, IL
We have 2 linden trees. Both have holes in some of the leaves. We've discovered some type of insect/parasite that's inside a little, reddish cone-shaped thing, about 1/8 inch big. These things are on leaves of both trees. We've also seen them on other lindens in the neighborhood. What are they and what do we do to keep our trees healthy?

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From: Greg Stack
Extension Horticulturist
Extension Web Development
Hi, Hi Sounds like they are some type of gall. Galls are produced by tiny mitelike insects and really are more of a cosmetic issue than a health issue for the tree. No control is warrented and any sprays now will do nothing to improve the situation. You may find that later on in the summer these galls may dry and fall out of the leaf. As far as the holes in the leaves trees can survive pretty well even with holes and so I would not see a reason to treat for what ever leaf feeding insect might be there.

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