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weeping cherry tree

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From: michele PATTERSON
i have a 4 yr old cherry tree. it has been doing great until this spring. it started to bud a month ago, but then never finished and never flowered. it looks dead. when u pull the bark apart it is moist and green inside. it does sit in an area where it is prone to a lot of water for a lenght of time. is the tree dead ??or because it is moist and the bark is green inside...will it eventually come back. or should i pull it out?

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From: Greg Stack
Extension Horticulturist
Extension Web Development

Cherries definately don't like wet sites and as a result they can be subject to root damage especially if the site remains wet over the winter. Wet winter soils are not good for fruit trees. Sometime what happens is the tree witll start to leaf out utilizing stored moisture and nutrients in the buds but when it can't get additional moisture and nutrients to complete the process the new growth stops or dies. This is usually because of some type of damage to thelower trunk or the roots can't move food and water. Check the trunk at soil line or so for damage under the bark (might be brown and not creamy yellow as it should). See if the plant has good roots by digging a little bit in the root zone and checking for live roots. If none of this looks god the tree is probably not going to make it. You can leave it there for a while and see what happens but it doesn't sound like the tree is going to make it. If you replant make sure you imporve the drainage issue before replanting.

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