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Weigela dying?

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From: Jennifer Payne
Hoffman Estates, IL
My husband and I recently planted two full Weigela "wine and roses" in our front yard. We had to dig up large stumps beforehand. Both plants get equal water and both are in full sun. However, one might get a little more shade than the other but this one is extremely healthy. My question is when I come home I have noticed the one in the full sun looks whithered and the leaves around the base of the tree are beginning to die. I notice that when I water this one there is a puddle of water sitting around the base and I just don't know how to strengthen this plant. Please help.

Extension Message
From: Greg Stack
Extension Horticulturist
Extension Web Development

When ever a plant is planted and even after watering or even when the soil seems to be wet or moist the plant wilts that suggests that the roots are not working or have shut down for some reason. the biggest reason this happens is that if watering is done to excess or on a schedule and the soil is wet or does not drain well the creates a soil environment that excludes air and roots need air. I suspect that yo plant is sitting in a poorly drained areas. Yo need to do some digging in tahe soil in and around the root area and see what is going on underground. If the soils is wet then it doesnot need water and it may need drainage. if the soil is dry then it needs water. Also if the plant was a containerized plant check to see that the original soil ball is moist. Often what happens is that the soil around the plant (garden soil) is so different that the soil around the roots doesnot take up water and stays dry. In any case dig up the plant check the soil drainage(sounds like it isnt too good) a nd either move the plant, or plant the plant on the high side so about half the root ball is above grade and soil is mounded to the plant. Hopefully not too much damage was done and the plant can recover.

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