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My Tree was Hit by Lightning (IL)

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From: Margaret McBride
Chicago, IL
Hi. Last Friday night the tree in the parkway in front of our home was hit by lightning. There is a gash about 15 ft long and 3 in wide on the southeast side of the tree. Bark covered in sap was blown up to 50 ft or so away from the tree. I believe the tree is a chinese elm. Do you think this tree can be saved or should we take steps to have it removed?

Extension Message
From: Jay Hayek
Extension Specialist, Forestry
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Hi Margaret:

Thank you for contacting UI Extension Forestry. Please understand that I would be doing you and everyone else who reads these Questions & Answers a huge disservice if I were to offer-up "advice" without physical examination of the tree(s) in question.

Therefore, I seldom offer any "individual tree health" advice other than my following standard reply:

Please seek on-site technical assistance and evaluation of a professional arborist, urban forester, or horticulturist regarding ornamental tree care:

Find a Certified Arborist: http://illinoisarborist.org/services-we-provide/find-an-arborist/

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