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The Dreaded Bradford Pear (IL)

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From: Dennis Paradee
Franklin, IL

My wife and I have heard potentially distressing things about Bradford Pear Trees, of which we have one in our back yard approximately 15 yards from our home extending roughly 10 feet above the apex of our roof.

We've both heard and read about the susceptibility they have of falling virtually without warning; this particular tree is obviously older, so is it advisable to cut it down now as a preventative measure?

If I photo would help justify your counsel, please provide me with an email address and I'll attach one.

Thank you!

Extension Message
From: Jay Hayek
Extension Specialist, Forestry
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Hi Dennis:

Callery pear (Bradford) has three major shortcomings:

1) They are an invasive species that should no longer be recommended or sold.

2) They are very susceptible to fireblight.

3) Their branch structure makes them extremely susceptible to breakage from storm events and ice damage.

I would never advise a homeowner to remove a tree without an on-site assessment. Therefore, I would strongly encourage you to seek an honest on-site assessment from an urban forester or a certified arborist.

Illinois Arborist Assoc.: http://illinoisarborist.org/services-we-provide/find-an-arborist/

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