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Replacing existing tree with Ginkgo Biloba

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From: David Powell
Villa Park, IL
I want to replace a large Maple with a new Ginkgo tree. Had wanted to get the Maple trimmed since it has some limbs going over the roof & some dead branches on top but multiple tree services said that the tree is dying. One mentioned Verticillium Wilt. Is the wilt a problem for Ginkgo's?

I'm planning on putting the new tree a bit farther back in the lot so that it's not in the same exact spot and farther from the house. I had read that a maple's root system is kind of shallow and can cause sidewalks/pavement to heave. How does the Ginkgo compare? If it's shallow as well, will it be constrained with the old maple roots around?

Are there any other problems that I should be worried about?

Extension Message
From: Jay Hayek
Extension Specialist, Forestry
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Hi David:

Please check-in with your local urban forestry / horticulture department to make sure your municipality does not have restrictions on planting ginkgo. If there are no restrictions, then just make sure you purchase/plant the "male" species of ginkgo!

Ginkgo is immune to Verticillium wilt. With any any new urban tree planting project, it is best to provide ample aboveground and below ground growing space to allow for future branch and root expansion. Use a stump grinder to remove the old maple stump and use fresh mineral-rich top soil to fill-in the hole from the stump.

Best of luck!

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