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Local Nursery for Walnut Seedlings (IL)

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From: Mark McMurray
Bunker Hill, IL
Would Forrest Keeling be a good source for walnut trees? I had some property down in DuQuoin IL that I sold to the state a few years ago. It had a walnut tree come up that really grew fast. Was about 6' the first year, about 15' after year 2, started producing nuts at age 5 or 6...trees from those nuts grew just as fast. The group of trees are still down there. If I wanted to plant some trees from those nuts what would be the best process. Back then we just dug a hole, put some compost in the bottom and put the nuts in the whole about 3 inches below ground level. 2 nuts per hole, and would trim one back in the spring if both came up.

Extension Message
From: Jay Hayek
Extension Specialist, Forestry
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Hi Mark:

Yes, Forrest Keeling is a quality nursery with many hardmast species to choose from: oak, hickory, walnut, chestnut, etc.

When direct seeding black walnuts, my typical go-to method for planting a minimal number of walnuts is to simply plant one nut per hole, no deeper than 3 inches (2 inches is just fine). Don't add compost or fertilizer to the planting hole.

Best of luck!

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