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Come Live with Me

Here's the fun part!

Adding Your Worms

Now that you've finished building my "room," you can add me and the rest of my worm friends and family.

So why do you need red worms for my bin? Why can't you just use plain old nightcrawlers from the garden? Red worms are better for indoor worm bins because they are more at home in the small space and warmer temperatures of the worm bin. They also reproduce faster than the earthworm.

The big earthworm you see in the garden is not very happy in a small bin. They like the wide open spaces of a garden to live in. They also don't like the high temperature in small worm bins. They like it cool, very cool, like 50 degrees cool. One other thing is they don't like to have their burrows disturbed. When you add food and start to scratch around in the bin, it upsets them. So, even though earthworms are not very good for your bin, they are very good for your garden. It's where they are happiest.

I normally come to you in a box from a worm farm.

Take me and the other worms out of the box and spread us out over the paper in our new bin. It's fun to watch us disappear into the bedding.

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Harvesting Your Bin
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