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Come Live with Me

Mmm..Mmm..Meal time

Feeding Your Worms

Now comes the part I like the best—FOOD! I spend most of my time eating and believe it or not I love vegetables and fruits.

I love potato peelings, carrots, lettuce, cabbage, celery, apple peelings, banana peels, orange rinds, and grapefruit. I also like cornmeal, oatmeal, crushed eggshells, coffee grounds with the filter, and tea bags.

One thousand (one pound) of my friends and relatives will eat about one half to one pound of food scraps each day.

Chopping these foods up will make it easier for me to eat them. You might want to keep a plastic tub in your refrigerator to hold food scraps so they will be nice and fresh for me. Don't let them rot and be smelly.

Do not feed me any meat, dairy products (cheese, butter) or oily foods. They can attract Felix the Fruit Fly to the neighborhood, plus these foods will rot and smell.

come on, let's go Adding Your Worms
Feeding Your Worms
Burying the Food
Taking Care of Your Bin
Harvesting Your Bin
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