The Great Plant Escape

Case 2 - Introduction to the Concept

The goals of the second week are:

  • Understand the importance of soil and how the soil's composition relates to its ability to support good plant growth and how plants adapt to soils even if they seem less than perfect.

  • Appreciate the interrelationship between soils and plant life.

  • Recognize that not only is there a lot of activity going on above the soil, there is also a tremendous amount of important activity going on below the surface where the roots of plants are located.

The objectives for the second week are for the students to:

  • Introduce new vocabulary words such as nutrients, soil particles, texture, structure, organic matter, top soil, and subsoil.

  • Describe what types of living organisms can be found in and around soil.

  • Use observation and classification to identify components of the soil.

  • Recognize other media that can be used in place of traditional plant growth.

  • Describe the importance of soil inhabiting organisms and their value in the decomposition process.

There are four main concepts for the week.

  • Soil composition or make up is important in sustaining plants. We can change and manage soil composition in ways that will help to enhance plants' ability to survive and flourish.

  • There are numerous interrelationships within soil. Microbes, solid particles, chemicals, and living plant material all interact to produce a balance that supports a variety of life forms.

  • Soil is made up of three basic units: sand, silt, and clay.

  • Composting is nature's way of converting organic wastes into valuable resources that are used to sustain a variety of living organisms.

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