The Great Plant Escape

Case 5 - Introduction to the Concept

The goals of the fifth week are for students to:

  • Understand and recognize the parts of a bulb.

  • Learn the differences between a bulb, rhizome, and tuber.

  • Learn how bulbs and tubers are used as food.

  • Learn the many ways that plants reproduce without seeds and ways they might be able to grow a variety of plants without spending a lot of money buying them.

The objectives of this lesson for the students are to:

  • Investigate the world of bulbs, rhizomes, and tubers by growing them in a laboratory setting.

  • Grow plants from bulbs.

  • Grow plants from tubers and be able to identify tubers found at home.

  • Explore bulbs and other plant parts that are available.

The main concepts for this week are:

  • Plant parts can look different but are modifications of more familiar plant parts.

  • Plant parts can differentiate themselves.

  • Plant stems can be horizontal.

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