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Gnats outside get into my home

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From: Rachel Jackson
Yuma, AZ
I have a neighbor that over waters her trees in her yard.She turns on the sprinklers and forgets to turn them off and they run for hours in the daytime and also at night. I live in the low desert but it gets chilly at night in the winter and spring and fall. Now it is March and the gnats are all over my yard. They have been getting inside my house even with my windows and doors closed. I have identified them as fungus gnats. They are attracted to lights and tv and computer screens. I have been leaving my overhead lights off and that seems to keep them out of my home at night. During the day I have to be careful when going in and out my doors. I told my landlord but he doesn't seem to take the problem seriously. Would an exterminator be able to help even though my neighbor keeps over watering her soil?

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