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Tiny bugs browning arborvitae on one side

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From: Mark Lewis
Dayton, OH
My corner arborvitae is turning brown on on side of the bush. The neighbor next door has a row of arborvitae that he uses as a privacy barrier. He just lost one of his in the Spring and now mine seems to be doing the same thing. His bushes are fine. I went to a local nursery and they suggested shaking a branch over white paper and look for tiny specs. These tiny specs are most likely mites. I did as they suggested and I got hundreds of various sized, very tiny long slender, striped bugs. Some bugs flew off of the bush and looked like gnats flying away. I treated the bush with CrossCheck plus multi-insecticide. I wish there was a way of attaching a pic of these insects to my post to help identify them. Thank you for your help!

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