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Sudden yellow leaves

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From: Gina saulino
Santa Clarita, CA
Hi -- I have three rose trees in front and one of them, within a week, suddenly developed almost all yellow leaves. The new growth, and new buds became almost wilted-looking but they weren't -- they were firm. The new baby growth looked burned.

I really love this tree, and I would hate to lost it. Until now, all three of them have been famous in the neighborhood for their prolific blooms. I've looked for pests, and can't seem to see any; I did fertilize about a week ago, but everything else I fertilized seems fine! Could it be the fertilizer? I've always used Miracle Gro. If that's the case, what could I do to save the rose tree?

Thank you for your time.

Extension Message
From: James Schuster
Horticulturist and Plant Pathologist (Retired)
When plants decline this rapidly, look for a root or stem problem. I would check drainage/watering. I would also check the stem for any sunken or discolored tissue that goes around the stem. This indicates a canker. Once a canker has girdled a stem, there is no saving the plant above the diseased area. Cankers are diseases of stress. The plant may have looked good but was in trouble for some reason and the cankers move in to finish it off.

The fertilizer should not have killed the plant if everything else that was fertilized is still okay.

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