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Pets and lawn

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From: Colette Charette
Glastonbury, CT
I have 2 dogs which are running around a fence area and obviously need to use the lawn to pee..... burn spots are all over the place. I would like to know if you have any suggestion into helping my lawn recover of the acidity of the urine verses giving some kind of remedy to the dogs??? I would appreciate any info on this matter.

Thank you.

I have also an other question regarding roses. i have planted a climbing rose I think it is a New Dawn , the cnes are doing terific but it never bloomed! what do you think I should of done to have more luck ? and since the winter is coming , Do I cut it back to 18" from the ground??

I have also tea roseas which have lost quite a few leave due to black spotes and other nuisance especially from the base to 18" up off the crown .How do I winter them?Do I cut them back? do cover them with soil and much? what type of mulch to use? when do I do it?I am quite a novice with this!

Thank you very much, Colette Charette

Extension Message
From: Sharon Yiesla
Unit Educator, Horticulture
Lake/McHenry Unit
Hi Colette Dogs and lawns are not a good combination. You have a couple of choices here. One is to limit the dogs to a part of the lawn and know that part will not look good. The other choice is to dilute the area with water every time the dogs urinate.

Your New Dawn rose blooms on canes that are one year old, so do not prune it back too severely. Leave canes that are one year old and prune out some old wood to encourage new buds to form that will give you roses in future years.

Tea roses are prone to black spot fungus and may need to be sprayed with a fungicide every year to protect them. For winter, you can cut them back and place them under a rose cone or simply pile any mulch that is loose and drains well around the base of the plant (about 8-10 inches high). Don't start this process until we have had consistently cool weather and a couple of frosts.

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