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From: Tamara Calvey
Port Orange, FL
I noticed that my leaves are turning yellow and black,and they are beginning to drop off dramatically from the bottom of the plant...Do they shed all the leaves at a certain time of year and do I have to do some major pruning...I am new to Roses and I am still learning alot...

Extension Message
From: Sharon Yiesla
Unit Educator, Horticulture
Lake/McHenry Unit
Hi Tamara This sounds like it could be black spot, a common fungal problem on roses. You may see this problem every year, especially when it is wet. You can help minimize the problem by giving the plant good air circulation and by watering the soil instead of the leaves. Wet leaves encourage the development of this disease. Some roses are very susceptible to this problem and will need yearly applications of a fungicide (usually is spring when the new leaves begin to emerge). You may want to call your local Extension office to see which fungicides are recommended in Florida.

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