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zephirine drouhin

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From: karen glim
new lenox, IL
Just installed a gated arbor entry and would like to try ZD roses, since they're nearly thornless and fragrant. How's she do overall in zone 5 with partial sun? Can you recommend a companion plant to grow up the arbor with her so I could get a longer bloom time? Any particular clematis variety that would work well? And would I plant one rose and one companion on each side? Your thoughts...thanks!

Extension Message
From: Sharon Yiesla
Unit Educator, Horticulture
Lake/McHenry Unit
Hi Karen This rose should do well in zone 5 and it does have good shade tolerance, so you should fine with this selection. I have not grown this rose myself, but it is my understanding that it reblooms throughout the season so it may not need a companion.

If you want a companion,yiou might think about sweet autumn clematis which also tolerates shade and has tiny white flowers at the end of summer. Be aware, though that is a very agressive grower.

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