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From: Diane Rose
Newton, MA
I didn't manage to prune the red-twig dogwood yet this year. Now that the leaves are fully out, is it too late to prune?

From: Jean Shriber
Mount prospect , IL
I have two red twig/ isanti dogwoods that are very floppy. Is that typical or do they need pruning?

From: Liz Harrison
Arlington, VA
I have a red twig dog wood that has grown beyond my expectations. Do I trim in the spring or fall. Thank you.

Extension Message
From: Richard Hentschel
Extension Educator, Horticulture
DuPage/Kane/Kendall Unit
Red twig dogwood can be a larger growing shrub, depending on the cultivar. Once it is dormant this fall or early next spring, you can cut out a percentage of the larger older limbs at the soil line. you can then prune back the remaining branches with hand pruners to an appropriate smaller side branch or bud. this is called renewal pruning. by removing a few of the oldest branches every two or three years, you will naturally keep the plant smaller.

From: Audrey Bolanowski
Denver, CO
Mine are just about two years old and some seem to be spreading out a little bit more than I would like (starting to hang over into the alley) Can I use twine or something similar to train them a little more upright or will this harm them? Thanks.

From: Jennie Sparks
Rockford, IL
I have 4 red twig variegated dogwood bushes. 1 was planted in 2009 in the garden against the brick exterior of the house to block the view of the air conditioning compressor from the patio. The other 3 were planted in 2010 between the neighbor's fence and our lawn. 1 of those stands alone. The other 2 are planted side by side & have grown together. All 3 along the fence have over grown much of the plantings that surround them. I would like my garden back, but am afraid to go in without proper guidance. Thank you.

From: Rita-Lou CLARKE
Someone gave our red twig dogwoods a "hair cut" at about 3 feet. Should I cut all the twigs to the ground? And, when should I do that?

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