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From: Taki MURUDI
Johannesburg , ZZ
Can one plant the bromeliad in the flowerbed and not in the pot?

Extension Message
From: James Schmidt
Extension Specialist, Home Horticulture/4-H
Department of Crop Sciences
Bromeliads can be grown out-of-doors in locations that do not go below freezing. However, you ned to have a location that duplicates its native habitat, which is shady with lots of humidity (at least 60%). They should not get large amounts of direct sunlight. The different genera vary in what they need in the way of light, water, etc. You can check out Aechmea, Billbergia, Crytanthus, Dyckia, Neoregalia, Nidularium, Tillandsia, and Vriesea to see what fits your situation best.

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