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Apple tree

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From: Judy Minkanic
Mount Olive, IL
My grandson planted a Fuji apple seed in a pot of potting soil about 18 months ago. It has grown to be 2 feet tall and is in a 6 inch pot. My question is, do we top the plant to force growth on lower part of plant? Also should we place in about an 8 inch pot? He eventually wants to plant outdoors when large enough. When would be a good time for that? Thanks for your input.

Extension Message
From: James Schmidt
Extension Specialist, Home Horticulture/4-H
Department of Crop Sciences
I would hold off on repotting it since you want to move it outdoors, which would be around the middle of May. As long as you provide it with water, it will be okay in the 6" pot. I don't recommend topping it to force growth. Once you plant it outside, you can top it back to induce lateral branching. One final note: when it does produce, the fruits will not be true-to-type Fuji. The seed will contain the genetics of whatever varieties were involved in the pollination when that apple was produced.

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