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Yellowing leaves

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From: sandy nichols
Bethel, CT
Our "Peace" rose is in the corner of an ell where 2 apartments meet. It has a drain spout directly beside it. The rose faces east and gets morning sun. Last year was our first year caring for this rose which had been planted years earlier by another resident. I fed and mulched the rose last spring with 1/2 bag Coast of Maine Lobster compost. We were very happy with the number of rose blooms. However last year and especially this year after heavy rains in the northeast the leaves are already turning yellow. From what I can determine it is possible the rose is water flooded and/or planted in unsuitable gravel below the topsoil or both. Is it possible to move the rose this year after blooming.? I think the taproot must be very long. What say?

Extension Message
From: James Schmidt
Extension Specialist, Home Horticulture/4-H
Department of Crop Sciences
Roses do not like wet feet, therefore good drainage is of utmost importance. Since this bush is planted by a downspout, it undoubtedly is getting too much water. If there is gravel below it, that would be the final nail as gravel does not improve drainage but acts as a reservoir to collect water. Unless you can divert the water from the drain e.g with an extender, the wet conditions will continue as the season progresses and if rainfall continues. This is not the best time to move a rose - after the leaves have developed, even after it flowers. It can be done but it would be risky depending on how warm the temps are at that time. It would be a real shock to the plant. If done, you would have to 'baby' it, protect it from sun, and when dug, remove as much of the root system as possible. At this point, I'd opt for diverting the water away and move the plant in the fall or very early next spring.

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