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Roses won't bloom

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From: Sally Knowles
Carrollton, TX
I too have this problem, brand new plant this year(2016). I put it in a pot. Looks great and is growing good except it will only bud & not bloom. I tried an organic spray and only got 2 roses then back to the same problem. My other roses are fine. What would be a home made treatment I could do. Last stuff was 10 bucks and was worthless. Please help and thanks you for any info. 🌹

Extension Message
From: James Schmidt
Extension Specialist, Home Horticulture/4-H
Department of Crop Sciences
Not sure exactly what is going on. The first thing that comes to mind is sufficient light. Roses need a minimum of six hours of full sun each day. If the plant is in an area that gets less than this, it won't be happy. Plants grown with insufficient light will not flower very well. You mention that it buds but doesn't bloom. Does the bud dry up? Evidently the plant is trying to flower, which is a good sign. In addition to light, roses need sufficient moisture and fertilizer. Since it is growing in a pot, and you live in Texas, the odds are that it will need watering frequently depending on the size of pot, how much light, and what the temperatures are. When water is lacking, the plant doesn't want to support flowers. Roses are also heavy feeders. A local garden center will have a variety of fertilizers to choose from and in a wide range of prices. Sometimes it's a matter of being patient. Since this is a new plant, it is getting established. Since it is in a pot, that immediately puts restrictions on it with regards to available moisture, amount of nutrients for growth, and temperature challenges depending on where you have the pot located.

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