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Help identify a rose with sentimental value?

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From: Robert Goldsmith
Cardiff, ZZ
My late mother had a rose that was grown as a cutting from her grandmothers rose garden. I am very new to gardening, but I have managed to grow several cuttings (luck > judgement).

It would be wonderful to know more about the rose. Especially if its a climber or not.

I think it might be a hybrid tea (?) Its the pink one in the pictures (the fully grown one is my mothers, the ones in pots are my cuttings). Im less interested int he peach coloured rose...but for a bonus point???

Click the link for pictures:

Can anyone help?

Many thanks


Extension Message
From: James Schmidt
Extension Specialist, Home Horticulture/4-H
Department of Crop Sciences
Greetings - unfortunately there are over 10,000 rose varieties, and probably more counting the ones that aren't registered varieties, wild ones, and those that were hybridized in home gardens. In your case, the roses grown in the UK are more likely quite different than the ones grown here. (Just a hunch, but I'm sure the plant material differs greatly). I can only make a guess on the pink one - it looks something like 'Queen Elizabeth', a grandiflora, but again, there are literally hundreds of pink roses that would have that look. You might check to see if there is a local or regional Rose Society that might be of help. I assume you've asked other local gardeners or garden club? Sorry we can't be of more assistance. These types of identification are nearly impossible because there isn't just one pink rose, or one peach rose.

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