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Boxwood Tree Problem

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From: Mary Tompkins
Lexington, IL
Hello, I have a row of several American Boxwoods in my yard in (about 7 years old) and both last year and this year have noticed "cupping" of the leaves. After some research I have determined this to be cause by psyllids. If this is true, I have also read it is really too late for me to treat this summer, but should prepared to do so in early May of next year.

The questions I have are: 1). Based on my description, would you agree that what I am seeing is indeed caused by psyllids? 2) Is it too late to treat for this year? 3) When I do treat for these pests, what do you suggest I use? Please provide both a natural and chemical insecticide recommendation. Thanks so much!! Mary

Extension Message
From: Richard Hentschel
Extension Educator, Horticulture
DuPage/Kane/Kendall Unit
1) Yes, I agree with your ID, Boxwood psyllid. 2) Yes, it is too late for treatments yet this year, the insect has already deformed the leaf and it will not return to normal. We would normally treat in early May and early June as the nyphal stage of this insect is present and beginning to feed. I do not know of an organic treatment specific to Boxwood psyllids. A general purpose organic compound is Insecticidal soap. There may be some activity against this insect. Through coverage and with force is what is needed. Synthetic products containing the active ingredient acephate or acetamirid are effective.

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