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Skunk Eating Yard

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From: Angie Sanchez
Bolingbrook, IL
We have skunk eating our yard. Please help us

Extension Message
From: David Shiley
Extension Educator, Local Food Systems and Small Farms
Coles/Cumberland/Douglas/Moultrie/Shelby Unit
The skunks in your yard are probably after insects and most likely grubs. Use a shovel to "peel back" a square foot sized are of turf and look for white grubs attached to roots and dig in the upper 3-4 inches of soil. Even small numbers of grubs 2 to 3 per square foot can be attractive to skunks and raccoons. Removal of the food source, grubs with a chemical lawn treatment should reduce the damage. However, do not expect immediate results. As the grub population dies during the week or two after chemical application, the skunks should move on to another food source. The chemical active ingredients labelled for use include, trichlorfon, chlorantroniliprole, and imidaclorid. All grub insecticides provide better control if watered in with at least one-half inch of water.

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