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Miss Kim lilac turning brown

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From: Megan T
Newnan, GA
Hi, my husband special ordered me a miss Kim lilac for our 10th anniversary in May. It seemed to do fine until about a month ago I noticed the leaves starting to brown and curl. I asked a friend and she had me put a mixture of dawn dish soap and water but it seemed to get worse faster. Now almost all the leaves are brown starting from underneath and curled. The stems have little white dots. It gets full sun and is not crowded by any other plants. Please help me save this plant. I wish I could attach a picture to better show it.

Extension Message
From: Richard Hentschel
Extension Educator, Horticulture
DuPage/Kane/Kendall Unit
The cupping of the leaves does appear to be herbicide drift. This can happen from applications from a neighboring yard, equipment used for weed control, then used again for another spray application without being properly cleaned. teh browning spots could be Pseudocercospora and Septoria leaf spots. The Iowa state link can provide additional insights. you may need to cut and past the link into your favortie brower. Hopefully both these possibilities have impacted this year's foliage and new growth in 2021 will be fine.

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