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emerald green arborvitae

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This 6' arbor was planted just before winter (oct) in WI. Watered, burlap, and unwrapped this march. watered when possible during winter thaw and now again this spring. 8" deep hole poke indicates the soil is damp. Tips are turning somewhat yellow. What am I still doing wrong or is it stress? Think it may be dying? I sent a photo to your regular e-mail

Thank you for your opinion

Extension Message
From: Richard Hentschel
Extension Educator, Horticulture
DuPage/Kane/Kendall Unit
Thank you for your image provided outside of this site. Overall I think your Arborvitae looks pretty good given it was planted in October of 2020 and has gone through a unique winter. Wrapped and watered as you noted were most helpful. I would expect to see some tip burn and browning. if you purchased this from a retailer that supports their sales with a warranty, alert them with your concerns. As long as the soil remains moist the root system has adequate moisture. Transplant recover based on the caliper size of the trunk can take at least 2 years. Monitor the water especially during the hotter summer months. Could fertilize the second year. Locally you can also contact for a more localized assistance.

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