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Bugs found in Rid X

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From: Terri Robinson
Opelousas, LA
I had small flying black bugs in my bathroom also. They were all on my walls, in my magazines, in my paper towels and tissue. Had no idea where these thongs were coming from. One day, I figured, maybe they are coming from sewer (at night from bottom of floor by commode) and grabbed the RidX box off of shelf above commode to pour down the bowl..bugs were coming out of RidX box FALLING INTO COMMODE with RidX!!! Falling and crawling on my arm!! I hollered!! Then put box in 2 WalMart bags and walked that bag OUT TO MY TRASH CAN. Shopvac my floor and cleaned bathroom, NO MORE BUGS!!! I’d never heard of such a thing. Freaked me OUT.

Extension Message
From: Richard Hentschel
Extension Educator, Horticulture
DuPage/Kane/Kendall Unit
they have been identified in the past as either confused or red flour beetles. it seems the carrier used in products like this support the life cycle of this beetle. Best practice in the future is to buy the product and immediately use the product, preventing the life cycle from beginning and ending in the container.

From: Kimberly Vanderklis
Pearl River, LA
We battled those bugs in our bathroom for months. We spent hundreds of dollars trying to get rid of them. Finally, under a cabinet, my husband found the source. It was a box of Rid X. Took it out and instantly no more beetles. file:///var/mobile/Library/SMS/Attachments/cc/12/28592098-123B-4F8C-9ED2-DD38FA93A737/IMG_1549.HEIC

From: Jim Neff
Redlands, CA
Just traced a Carpet Beetle infestation to an unopened box of Rid-X.

First noticed a bunch of small bugs on the floor outside a broom closet surrounding a new throw rug we purchase a few weeks earlier. After taking a photo, and blowing it up, we were able to match it to a variety of Carpet Beetle.

We emptied the room and steam cleaned everything including the floors and wallboards. The carpet is still outside and has been steam cleaned.

Thinking we had controlled the infestation we were shocked to discover more bugs on the floor in the broom closet and quickly traced them to an unopened box of Rid-X. Still thinking the source of these carpet beetles was a new carpet (too obvious?) we thought that there might be something about the Rid-X box that was attracting these bugs that either got in the house on the new carpet/rug, or flew in, or were on a house plant. None of these beetles were airborne yet so we suspect we caught the infestation early. However, after wiping off the Rid-X box and setting it aside, we discovered that it was once again completely covered with bugs the next day. So we open the box to dump the contents down the toilet to treat the septic tank so we could dispose of the box and to our horror the box was completely full of beetles!

After reading this forum we are now convinced that the source of these bugs is the Rid-X and we understand that these beetle eggs can be dormant for a long time before hatching into adults. This particular box of Rid-X was in the closet for 1-2 years.

I sent a message to Rid-X in India to ask if they could provide a description of the product and also to feedback any similar reports of bug infestations associated with Rid-X. We’ll see what they come back with.

In the meantime the lesson learned is to use the Rid-X immediately and not store extra boxes in the house. Carpet beetles can destroy natural fiber clothing and furniture and, because they lay up to 100 eggs each and can fly, they can be very difficult to control. Rid-X users beware!

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