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tuber roses

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From: merrilyn roche
ballina, MY
I live on the nth coast of Australia sub tropical type climate and would like to grow these plants. Do they like full sun. morning sun etc, in a pot or ground and what type of soil. We are right on the beach so salty air is a real problem. Can I possibly succeed in these conditions?

Extension Message
From: James Schuster
Horticulturist and Plant Pathologist (Retired)
Roses need to go through a winter periodically. You could get most of them to grow for a while but may only get one blooming period without a winter. Based on temp, you would want to try roses that are constantly setting flowers all season long. As for the salt - that will probably kill them. I do not know of any salt tolerant roses. Suggest you consider another type of blooming plant.

From: Simon Walsh
Los Angeles, CA
Nope tuber roses are a bulb I believe

From: John Schick
La Verne, CA
Tuber roses are in bulbs (clusters). They like full sun. They bloom in August thru October (in US)and have a wonderful fragrance similar to gardenias. They like hot weather. Keep soil damp in hot Summer weather, but not soaked. I have tuber roses here in sothern California and I love them. When it get too cold I bring them indoors. They come back into bloom every year. Fertilize only in the blooming season. After two year separate clusters into small pear sized divisions and replant individualy.

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