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From: D Antonacci
Peoria, IL
I've had them inside since about November, but the leaves turned a dull brownish color and are saggy. Is this normal? I've been sure not to overwater them - allowing them to stay on the dry side a bit. Am I doing something wrong? Should I cut the palms? Or will this need to be done when I get ready to put them back out?

From: Sylvia Keller
Manchester, MO
How my Sago Palm survived the cold northern winter months. I have a 30 year old potted double headed Sago Palm tree, which I put outside every spring and bring inside for winter. Last year the pot got too heavy for me to bring inside the house so I rolled it in my garage and left it in the semi-dark and cold garage below 30 degrees. I covered the lower part of the gigantic pot with a blanket to try to protect the roots from freezing. Watered it only once per month very little. In March I rolled it outside again and though the plant was dead. But it came back after fertilizing it and plenty of sunshine. It never lost any leaves nor did they turn brown during the winter. Due to their large diameter I trimmed the leaves off more then 50% before bringing it in the garage. It did not grow as large as years before but it did somehow survive the winter season in an unheated and un- protected garage. Anyway I have to do the same thing this year and hope it will survive again. Also, add some regular coffee grounds to the soil in the summer, Sago Palms like some caffeine and the bugs stay away.

From: Jeff Nank
Silver Lake, OH
I have had a potted sego for about 15 years. Last winter I put it in an unused bedroom with the heat vents shut as I had done for most of those years. The plant was great outside, but grew too big for any place in our house's living space. So the bedroom had lower temp, probably around 60 degrees, and I would not water it much at all. This last winter I did not water it at all, basically forgot about it. I went up to the bedroom one day in early spring and discovered all the fronds were brown. I thought. well it's been a good run, so I put it outside and planned to throw it out. I cut all the leaves off first and then thought, I am just going to leave it, water it a little, and see if it comes back. It did! Like all the way back, 11 new fronds. I believe the sego palm is one tough plant.

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