Living with Wildlife in Illinois

Identifying a Bird

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Question Title Date
Hawks from John Glynn (1) Reply. 04/29/11
Extremely Large Black Bird from Kyle Hermes (5) Replies. 03/26/11
7/17/10 Cormorant Riding on Kayak on Lake Michign from Joanne Doyle (1) Reply. 07/23/10
Lake Michigan cormorant? from Sue Whiting (1) Reply. 07/19/10
What is this bird? from Linda Basham (1) Reply. 05/24/10
orange large bird from Nancy Stabile (1) Reply. 05/18/10
Owl from Jacob Magness (1) Reply. 10/25/09
nest in fan vent from Tom Marko (1) Reply. 05/18/09
Bird from Wendy Barnard (1) Reply. 05/09/09
sea gulls from Jack Cunningham (1) Reply. 04/10/09
Swans from Timothy M McDonough (1) Reply. 02/16/09
bird from kathy tyrrell (1) Reply. 01/12/09
Hawk or Vulture from Heidi B (1) Reply. 11/21/08
A Bird Hit My Window from Jacob Beecher (1) Reply. 06/06/08
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