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Living with Wildlife in Illinois


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Question Title Date
Foxes from Paul Psilos 08/04/22
Squirrel behavior from Allan and Gina carter 09/28/21
Black squirrel from Susan Connors 09/23/21
Squirrel death from Anita Meeks 04/30/19
opposum droppings from margene carney 03/11/19
Groundhog from Marilyn Thelen 09/06/17
Killing fur bearers from Lillian Hughes-Utsch 06/10/17
Snake Identification from Craig Thomson 06/08/17
NIGHT nectar feeders from Jack Endicott 05/27/17
turtle from John Lane 04/29/17
discovered owl from DOROTHY CARMAN 04/24/17
Amphibians from dan schlitz 04/07/17
Deer from Dan Runyon 04/03/17
bats from pattie tackett 02/19/17
Mallards from peach verrastro 02/03/17
Mallards from Peach Verrastro 02/03/17
Dead squirrel from Shelley Adler 12/13/16
Black Sqirrels from Pete Larence 12/04/16
weasels and mink from Stefan Kwiatkowski 11/28/16
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