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Living with Wildlife in Illinois

Identifying a Mammal

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Question Title Date
Dead Baby Rabbit from Jessica Sorenson 05/13/21
Black large cat with a panther look from Ronda Decker 01/06/21
Strange animal from Dawn Lunsford 09/09/17
A strange picture from Malia Baker 08/19/17
Coyote or fox from Amy Rickelman 07/30/17
fisher near West Salem IL from Linda Hungerford 06/13/17
Leucistic Opossum? from Sharon Tobin 06/10/17
Rabbit carcass from Jim Salkas 05/10/17
Mink in suburban Chicago??? from Ed Kamm 05/01/17
Raising A Fawn from Alex Krajci 04/21/17
Help with rodent id from jim dionne 02/22/17
animal never seen before anywhere from J Kraeff 01/31/17
Vole from Duane Doerle 01/16/17
animal i.d. from Lee Gilliland 11/04/16
Black bellied fox squirrel from Jeannie Gunnels 10/30/16
What is this rodent?? from Irene middendorf 10/05/16
Wild Rabbit Identity from Fran Hunter 08/10/16
Footprint from Sheryl Peters 07/06/16
strange animal from Thomas Doolin 06/20/16
Tortoise from Joyce Jensen 06/04/16
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