Living with Wildlife in Illinois

Identifying a Mammal

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Question Title Date
White Rabbit from Andrea Hay 05/29/16
burrow? from Lucretia Bradley 04/25/16
Scat in attic from Linda Cave 04/09/16
Possum from Beth Staley 04/08/16
big black cat! 100 lbs or so from kayleigh hughes 04/08/16
Snow White Critter from Christine Korpitz 03/05/16
Beaver? from A C 01/30/16
White Bat from Andy Buschman 11/03/15
Ferrite from Linda Boesdorfer (1) Reply. 07/23/15
bats day flight from diana regan (1) Reply. 06/19/15
Black squirrel from Michelle Bickford (1) Reply. 05/25/15
Curious Mammal from susan bostwick (1) Reply. 05/23/15
black squirrels from mike drake (2) Replies. 05/16/15
cougar and ? from Tina Matthews (2) Replies. 05/05/15
Hamster-like Squirrel from Milan Blaho (1) Reply. 04/24/15
Track photo from Jo Ann Wilkinson (1) Reply. 03/23/15
River otter? from Janet Ward (1) Reply. 02/26/15
snow tracks from Danny Mitchell (3) Replies. 02/17/15
trying to find out what is hanging out behind home from mac grave (1) Reply. 02/07/15
Mouse? Shrew? Vole? from Beth Rank (1) Reply. 01/12/15
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