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Living with Wildlife in Illinois

Solving Problems

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Question Title Date
Duck laid first egg on playground from Jennifer Berger 05/05/23
Canadian goose nest attacked during night from susan s 04/30/23
Removal of Bats from Dana Hart 04/20/23
Bobcats from Christine Mize 09/19/22
Fox(es) from Paul Psilos 07/20/22
Geese from Lori Peete 03/28/22
Creek/stream restoration from Pamela Tullis 01/29/21
Foxes from Linda Hain 07/04/20
Ground Squirrel from Melvin Ghrist 06/02/20
frog in window well from Jo Fryer 08/05/19
Skunks from Paula Petragallo 10/16/17
Who is killing off the birds? from eileen anderson 08/30/17
Neighborhood skunks from Jessica W 08/10/17
Snake infestation from Elianor Puntriano 06/03/17
Canada Geese Attacking from Susan Oestmann 05/27/17
Climbing frogs from Debbie Porter 05/25/17
raccoons from Rodolfo Castillo 02/15/17
Sparrows from Joe Bendig 02/12/17
bat from s ringo 02/04/17
Bold Coyote from Donald Bonnstetter 12/27/16
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