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Duck laid first egg on playground

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From: Jennifer Berger
Elgin, IL
I work at a licensed preschool/ daycare in Carpentersville. New mulch was added around and under the large wooden play structure and we have the first duck egg under the wooden steps that lead up to the slides. Today, large wooden blocks from a classroom were set up around the nest to keep kids away from the egg. We removed blocks when leaving so if the mother comes back, she can see and access the nest. We are a Head Start site with only one preschool playground. Since we can't close the playground per licensing, what can we do to protect the nest from 2-5 year olds? I am assuming that it is illegal to disturb the nest, but this is the only fenced safe outdoor play area available. The teachers are open to suggestions on what to do. The wooden blocks are the first temporary fix that staff came up with. any help and advice would be welcome.

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