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Living with Wildlife in Illinois

Sick, Injured, or Orphaned

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Question Title Date
Baby rabbit laying on its side in grass along side from Barbara Gustafson 04/01/24
Duck Injured from Fallon Wainwright 09/20/23
Sick gray squirrel from Kathy Mullins 08/28/23
Rabbit nest in yard from Carol Lewallen 08/28/23
Squirrels from vicki coleman 06/06/23
Squirrels from vicki coleman 06/06/23
Injured squirrel from Heather Colman 04/22/23
Sick adult squirrel from Janet Irish Irish 03/19/23
Canadian geese from Joy D 09/30/22
Hair loss from Jamie Discala 06/12/22
Hair loss from Jamie Discala 06/09/22
wildlife rehab from jessica shoup 05/19/22
sick/injured Mallard Drake from Marilu Lowery 05/15/22
2 squirrels possibly alive after nearly drowning from Michelle Davis 12/16/21
Injured goose from Debra Glenn 10/23/21
Hair loss with clear slime from Dorothea Poggi 09/07/21
injured squirrels from Rose Bronson 07/23/21
Geese with a broken wing from Twila Rogers 06/10/21
Vole from Rose Mallon 05/23/21
Bunny from Reece Zinis 05/14/21
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