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Living with Wildlife in Illinois

Sick, Injured, or Orphaned

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Question Title Date
Squirrels from Georgena Hughes 03/21/18
disease of squirrels from samantha steffen 02/15/18
Is salt dangerous to squirrels from Melissa C 10/21/17
Coyote with mange from Sara Magnuson 10/20/17
Baby turtles from Patti Glumac 09/10/17
goose with an injured wing from Jackie Price 08/27/17
fox squirrel acting weird from Beth Gardynik 08/17/17
Squirrels from Alicia Harris 08/12/17
3 week baby squirrel with hair loss on his chin from Joyce Bartz 08/05/17
declining number of squirrels in our yards from kathy gallo 08/02/17
Sick or Injured Crow from William Kessler 07/16/17
Hunted bunnies from Jessica Harding 07/15/17
Baby rabbits from Joanne Percente 06/20/17
squirrels from linda gilmore 06/01/17
3 baby racoons from Tami Rouse 05/16/17
Squirrel with fur loss from Eileen Partanen 04/26/17
feeding birds and squirrels from Mike Novak 04/09/17
Squirrel from Gail S 04/04/17
Squirrels from Elyssa West 02/02/17
possible CWD deer from Melvin Jacobs 01/30/17
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