Living with Wildlife in Illinois

Sick, Injured, or Orphaned

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Question Title Date
Is this Squirrel sick? from Reshma Niazi 01/20/17
Squirrel hair loss from Paula Penenington 01/15/17
squirrels losing hair from Cindy Hiday 01/05/17
Snow Goose from Marilyn Wagner 12/04/16
mangy fox from Don Boehm 10/15/16
Chipmunk lost its fur from Kathy O'Neill 09/19/16
Squirrel from Lisa Helgesen 09/12/16
Found injured bunny, part of abdomen open to air from Jackie Beladi 09/05/16
5 week old squirrel from Tiffany Jenkins 08/30/16
Animal Control euthanize orphan babies? from Janice Krinsky 08/12/16
sick (?) Cardinal from Libby Tennikait 07/15/16
sick squirrel from Dawn Waddell 07/04/16
birds from Hannah Grace 06/26/16
Post on permitting from Chris Ferguson 06/07/16
Permitting from Chris Ferguson 06/07/16
baby rabbits from Paul Nelson 05/28/16
Duck nesting on rooftop from Paul DeFrino 05/02/16
Hair loss from Bobbie Radech 04/28/16
Baby squirrel from Alexis Nuno 04/19/16
help! from margo harrison 04/19/16
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