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Living with Wildlife in Illinois

Preventing Problems

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Question Title Date
Deep Boring animals from Marvin EVANS 09/16/16
Nesting Canadian Goose On Rooftop from Kim Garrison 05/05/16
Goose from Jake Kindred 04/27/16
Ducks in a bust parking lot from Nadia C 04/15/16
Tree Squirrels from MARY LOU JORDAN 10/26/15
large bat colony in abandoned property from Kathryn La Barre 09/22/15
Deer & Bird Feeder from peter holstein (1) Reply. 08/21/15
Woodchucks from Kathy Tolpa (1) Reply. 06/09/15
Peregrine Falcon from Mike Will (1) Reply. 12/06/14
Wetland/Heron Rookery from Colleen Schickel (1) Reply. 10/01/14
Baby Bunnies... from Kimberlee Powell (1) Reply. 05/07/14
SNAKES from KEN RUDOLPH (1) Reply. 10/08/13
Bat Excusion from Jesse Joiner (1) Reply. 07/12/13
Trapping a nuisance squirrel from Thomas Heing (1) Reply. 05/07/13
Trying to save a Nesting Duck from Amy Smith (1) Reply. 04/29/13
Arundo donax Giant reed from Andy Watts (2) Replies. 04/25/13
Ducks out of water from Melinda M. (1) Reply. 04/03/13
Suet from Megan Strojny (1) Reply. 02/16/13
Bats in Attic from Nicole GW (1) Reply. 11/10/12
Bobcat from Libby Allison (1) Reply. 03/13/12
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