Living with Wildlife in Illinois

Preventing Problems

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Nuisance deer from Glenda Dobbs (1) Reply. 01/10/12
coyotes from Dunlap Constance (1) Reply. 12/21/11
red foxes from Janet Vrtis (1) Reply. 12/19/11
Permits to use wild duck feathers found in my yard from Colette Burris (1) Reply. 08/22/11
Robin flying into window from Janet Oelsen (1) Reply. 04/05/11
Algae growth in Rentention Pond from Kathleen Wyrosdick (1) Reply. 02/25/11
15-year old Manx cat eaten by coyotes from Jacqueline Miller (1) Reply. 08/03/10
Turtle laying eggs near path from Eva S (1) Reply. 05/29/10
muskrat from Scott Wallenberg (1) Reply. 04/28/10
mallard duck from kelly newhard (1) Reply. 04/21/10
prevention- geese from nesting from joan collins (1) Reply. 04/21/10
Beaver Dams from Joe Sharon (1) Reply. 04/10/10
Owl Control from John Whitehall (1) Reply. 03/31/10
fleas from Therese Komosa (1) Reply. 02/14/10
Neighbor with 3 trough filled with corn from Nancy Carpenter (3) Replies. 01/28/10
coyotes in yard from Becky Honaker (1) Reply. 01/12/10
Red Fox from monica kanarek (1) Reply. 01/07/10
Coyotes returning to neighbors yard on daily basis from Doris Haynes (1) Reply. 11/01/09
COOPER HAWKS from ROBERT SWITALSKI (1) Reply. 10/15/09
Retention Pond Lilly pads from Steven Szalapski (1) Reply. 09/15/09
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