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Living with Wildlife in Illinois

Identifying a Bird

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Question Title Date
Ducks from Jill Mattenson 01/22/22
Odd-colored female mallard from Bill Pardue 06/07/17
Muscovy Ducks from Melanie Burns 05/17/17
strange colored wood pecker from fred blankenship 10/13/16
bird nests from Brenda Dahlfors 06/29/16
I don't know what kind of bird is nesting at our h from dan custer 06/16/16
Robins in winter from Brenda Dahlfors 01/19/16
bird eggs from Nerissa Schneider (1) Reply. 05/25/15
large black bird predator from JOANNE MURRELL (1) Reply. 01/07/15
Large ugly birdlime from Jackie Hamlett (1) Reply. 10/12/14
Trail cam pic from Dan F (1) Reply. 09/24/14
What type of bird? from Marianne Papeck (2) Replies. 05/07/14
Woodpecker from Marianne Papeck (1) Reply. 05/07/14
large black birds from Rachel Ensor (1) Reply. 11/01/13
woodpecker? from Jeff Nagel (1) Reply. 07/06/13
Missing mallard female from Emilie Mims (1) Reply. 07/01/13
unidentifiable hummingbird from James West (1) Reply. 07/13/12
Death of my duck from Julie Pens (1) Reply. 05/03/12
American Woodcock from Liana Hite (1) Reply. 02/27/12
Large black bird from Heather Stoner (6) Replies. 10/24/11
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