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Living with Wildlife in Illinois

Health and Safety

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Question Title Date
Bird Feeders from Carol Urquhart 08/24/17
Baby Deer from Alex Krajci 07/22/17
timber rattlesnake from becky grill 07/04/17
EHD Reports? from Todd C 06/10/17
gray squirrels from sue turner 03/25/17
Deer Populations from Donald E. Sanborn 01/28/17
Possum from Sharon Haughey 01/23/17
doe harvested 10/1/2016 from alexander phillips md 10/02/16
Ducks from Debra Szalapski 08/25/16
agressive squirrel and nest from carol deely 07/25/16
Bird Mites from Pamela Adams 06/06/16
Bird Mites from Pamela Adams 06/06/16
Mallard Nest Protection from Lindsay DeJonghe 06/02/16
Raccoon Feces from Raymond Swanson 04/25/16
raccoons from terry tait 01/14/16
burrow in yard from Amy Lovell 09/20/15
Bats from Corinne Esbrook (1) Reply. 07/21/15
Squirrel deaths from Matt Steichmann (1) Reply. 06/27/15
Raccoon Problem from Tim Grisham (1) Reply. 06/05/15
dead birds from Melinda McBee Orzulak (1) Reply. 06/04/15
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