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Algae growth in Rentention Pond

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From: Kathleen Wyrosdick
O'Fallon, IL
I live in a 15- 20 year old subdivision with a 1-2 acre retention pond in my back yard. As the spring approaches, the algae growth has been astronomical to keep up with. We have many types of wildlife and pond life all around the pond. We really need help with identification of the types of algae that are growing in our pond. If left unchecked, by June the pond will be completely covered with a light green thick blanket of algae that only allows the frogs to jump on. Our neighborhood would appreciate any help you can offer us.

Extension Message
From: David Shiley
Extension Educator, Local Food Systems and Small Farms
Coles/Cumberland/Douglas/Moultrie/Shelby Unit
You are on the right track to identify and treat the vegetation early in the growing season. One option in terms of identification is call the Illinois Department of Natural Resources fisheries biologist for your area, that is Fred Cronin (618)931-4217. He could identify the vegetation if you mailed him a sample. Collect a representative sample of the vegetation and place it in a plastic sealable bag, less the water, and send it to him. Aquatic herbicides are designed to control specific types of vegetation, so using the correct product is a critical step in the process.

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