Living with Wildlife in Illinois

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Question Title Date
Dead Mice in Basement from Linda Thompson 06/14/16
crayfish from mark evans 04/20/16
Ducks nest with eggs from Christa Harnisch 04/18/16
12 or more Geese eggs from Shanita N 04/13/16
bats from Jerry Middendorf 02/03/16
feeding native wildlife from Judy Reynolds 02/02/16
Deer mice from Sarah Lindenbaum 11/28/15
rabbit in the shed from Joel Klein 10/26/15
snapping turtles from Joanne Bockhorn 09/29/15
Coyotes from Dina Sbarra 09/27/15
Coyotes from Jacqueline Miller 09/09/15
Nightly Skunk Spray - Please Help! from Amy G 08/25/15
River otters from Sherry Long (2) Replies. 08/23/15
Bat in the house from Cindy Sedor (1) Reply. 08/16/15
Trapping from Pamela Sasser (1) Reply. 07/22/15
catfish sore spots from Carol Schempp 07/20/15
Robin from Eliza McLaughlin (1) Reply. 07/09/15
Relocation of Baby Bunnies from Craig S (1) Reply. 07/03/15
Hawks nest from Rickeia Lessig (1) Reply. 06/30/15
Red Tail Hawk from Shaun Golden (2) Replies. 06/11/15
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