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Bold Coyote

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From: Donald Bonnstetter
naperville, IL
We live in Wheatland township and we have a large dog (105lb) Xavier.     This morning when I let Xavier out I saw a coyote at the end of our yard and Xavier immediately chased him off.  I thought good boy and started to grab a cup of coffee when I noticed the coyote came back and was at the corner of the yard.  Xavier also saw this and started to reengage.  We use an invisible fence so Xavier could not approach the coyote. What I found unusual was the coyote was approaching Xavier.  They were starting to get pretty close and dance around each other when I ran out there. The coyote retreaded some, but again the coyote did not run off.  Instead he hung around for a bit before deciding to go on.

Just to be clear I did not see any sign of aggression from the coyote. I was surprised he came back after Xavier initially chased him off. The coyote almost look playful when he engage Xavier the 2nd time. When they were just feet apart I ran out there to intercede. I was trying to be cautious and make sure neither animal was hurt. Even when I got out there I was within 10 feet of the coyote and he did not appear to be scared. In fact he cautiously walked away.

I don’t know how to interpret the coyote actions.  Did he think my dog was a challenge to his territory and if so how do I discourage this? I don’t want him to feel comfortable around my home.  I has considering using the Bear spay that I have on hand.

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