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From: Linda Hain
Martinsville, IL
I do not believe they will lose fear of people by feeding them. For one reason you are not hand feeding them. Foxes live in suburban areas. From what I have read, the coyotes have chased them into populated areas. I saw a video where a man helped a fox that had mange by giving it food with meds in it. He cured the mange. Foxes come into contact with cats and dogs all the time. It’s unlikely they will kill cats or dogs. Coyotes on the other hand will kill cats and dogs. Foxes are to small. Possibly a fox can kill a sick animal but for the most part they stay clear of each other. You claim Raccoons do not make good pets. Well as a teenager I had a pet raccoon and loved her. She played with my Pomeranian like two kittens and she was full grown. We never kept her in a cage. One fall she left because my father would not let her in the house. Raccoons are like dogs in the way that they take to one person over the other family members.I was the only one that went for walks in the creek with her and spent time with her. I would go into the woods calling her and she would come running. That was a very special friendship, so yes in my view point they are great pets.When she was in the house, I do not recall her tearing things up. I was a thirteen year old kid so that was never something I paid attention to. Wild animals do need to be free and for me to have a pet raccoon now but never be the same. I no longer live in the country surrounded by woods. This is my opinion like we all have one.Animals must be allowed to be who they are. Just as a dog must be allowed to behave like a dog. One can not control every aspect of the animal. I use to volunteer at a wild life rescue and enjoyed many species. Tigers , bears, monkeys ect. These will always be wild animals with no business of ever being tamed.

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