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Snow White Critter

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From: Christine Korpitz
Oak Lawn, IL
Hello, Now I know I am not nuts...last night for the 2nd time I have seen a critter. This one about 1/2 the size of my pups, about 6lbs, completly SNOW WHITE all over with redish eyes. Didn't hiss or run fast from the dog & I, just slinked awayacross the porch & then behind the bushes. Did see the same critter a couple times months back, again completly snow white but much larger, about 3x & again when seen us walking, just went behind the bushes. Looks like a combo of an Opossom & Rat. Tail is not super long nor is snout, kinda stubbyish. Wish I could get a pic, but the 2 always surprise us when we go out at night for our walk. Googled all day to find a pic, but found nothing. Found your site...can you help?? Am sooo curious. Thank you!

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