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From: Lucretia Bradley
Plainfield, IL
I have a mammal living under the sidewalk by my garage. I never have seen anything in my yard with large dog in it, except a bunny. When I first moved in I noticed a dark, fast moving,furred animal, low to ground, running so fast I could not ID and a skunk was chased out promptly. This winter I saw prints with four toes pointed forward near this burrow. Thinking nothing was there this spring I put stepping stone there over entry and a small hole near the sidewalk was enthusiastically dug out! I suspect groundhog but have never seen any critter or scat. I am an animal lover extreaordinaire so I do not want tyo harm the fellow...just discourage after young are gone. Help please. I can't allow to continue because the borrow seems sizeable. Smells a little acrid, somewhat like fox but do not think a fox could go unseen or live within a huge dog's terrotory.

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