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Black large cat with a panther look

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From: Ronda Decker
Kalamazoo, MI
For the last several months we have been dealing with a very large cat I live in Michigan so it's not like you see big black cat's everyday lucky to see one in your life time and lately we have had one this cat looks like a panther very large body with a smaller head my uncle has seen him a few different times now. We are not sure what it is and I've tried getting DNR to investigate but they won't help so I'm left with looking around on the internet and hoping someone can help. It weighs around 150lb to 200 lb very long body and the color is black the head appears to be not as big as a cougar small and slimmer could this possible be a panther in Michigan running around. Please could you tell me who I could contact that would help can't get DNR to do anything she doesn't believe we have a large cat. Thank you Ronda K Decker

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